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Steve lives in a beautiful house with a beautiful husband and a large number of computers. They're not like pets, they're tools, utilities, objects for which no reasonable person would feel affection.


One of the ways Steve uses his computers is to ferkle about with his massive collection of digital photos. Currently he is using a Canon EOS 10D digital SLR. Then he makes these websites...

Web Hosting

Steve has his own web hosting server, Steve's Web Hosting. Steve's Web Hosting is like a holding company for Steve's many websites.

Celiac Disease

Steve has a genetic disorder called celiac disease. It behaves like an allergy, but is really an autoimmune disorder. If he eats just the tiniest trace of wheat, barley or rye his immune system attacks his gut. It's owie.


Once a hippie weirdo pacifist, always a hippie weirdo pacifist. See our politics page to learn how much Steve loves Our Glorious Christian Leader.