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Need a New Religion?


We're Here We're Queer

Queer, pinko, radical, hippie, freakin' vegetarian... these are words that can be used to describe Steve Rider - and he won't even take offense. Go ahead, call him a queer. Chances are Steve will say thank you.

Now if you have a war that you want Steve to support, well, no thanks.


In 1968 Steve refused induction into the US Army at the fresh meat intake facility in Philadelphia, PA. At the time he signed a full confession in which he offered to come back as often as the government wished to refuse induction again. It was his own, personal, Alice's Restaurant Massacree.

This experience had a dramatic impact on his life.

Three years later he married a woman, then he fathered 3 children, went through a divorce, and eventually he stopped denying the persistent fact that he is a Ho Mo Sexual.

Now he lives with a man that he refers to as his husband, he declines to eat animals, and he is still radically opposed to warmongering. Even if the warmongers want oil, Steve still disagrees. Even if the warmongers pretend to be friends of Jaheezus, Steve still disagress. Got a war, don't want it. Final.

Oh, and if you hate queers, and Jaheezus is your reason, then Jaheezus thinks you're a jerk.

If you think that your religion entitles you to campaign constantly against the civil rights of gay people, then, girlfriend, you need a new religion. Jaheezus is the world's best deity, give him a try sometime.

Ridiculing Religion

Steve's favorite pasttime is ridiculing religion. Sites such as God Hates Barbers
God Hates Brats
God Hates Crustaceans
God Hates Mixed Fibers
God Hates Pork
God Hates Vaginas
Ain't No God


Steve operates a discussion forum for people who do not have religious beliefs. Ain't No God