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Geek Hill


Green Energy

With climate change now a daily reality we decided to put our liberal, tree hugging, two Prius family money where our mouth was, and eliminate a huge portion of our electric bill, by installing a large ~15kw 78 panel solar photovoltaic generating system on top of the various structures here at the summit of Geek Hill.

In case you are new to the subject, 78 solar panels are quite a few actually. The reason we require so much power is that Geek Hill is home to two koi ponds, a swimming pool, an in-ground spa, a turtle enclosure, plus lots of webcams and computers.

You can see the current power output from Geek Hill during California daylight hours by visiting the website all about Geek Hill.


More Greenery

Even our web servers are carefully selected for peak power efficiency. As of July 2012 we are using Xeon E-3 and Core i-5 processors in our data-center located servers.

Coal Free Diet

Since peak power production at Geek Hill occurs in the heat of mid-day when demand is highest, we are actively helping SoCalEd to keep the power on in our neighborhood.

Hidden Carbon

If power production exceeds our usage by a wide margin we may buy an electric car and power it with our own, tasty, home-grown electricity.

Let the silicon crystals on our roof power the silicon crystals in our lives.