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Steve's Web Hosting

A reasonable person might suggest that Steve has a large number of websites. Well, he does. There are stores, religious satire sites, anti-gummint sites, more stores, and several sites like this that are just about Steve. You can see links to nearly all of Steve's websites by visiting Steve's Web Hosting.

A Brief History of Steve's Web Hosting

Originally conceived as the name for a business that would sell web hosting to, like, customers, Steve's Web Hosting was registered and designed to let folks pay to host their websites on Steve's server. After a few months with no customers, and after thinking about potential liability issues, Steve decided to re-purpose Steve's Web Hosting. The new slogan is "Hosting Steve's websites on Steve's server for Steve."

There are over 10,000 photos on Steve's Photos, with quite a few cycling events included.

Steve has a number of news websites. His most librul news site is Liberal Media . For residents of California, he offers many pages of California news broken up into 6 regions at California News Today.

A public service website meant to serve gay and questioning youth is Think I Might Be Gay.

Skeptic Hosting: promoting a reality-based lifestyle choice In addition to all of these sites that belong to Steve, Steve's Web Hosting also provides a place for sites that promote a reality-based lifestyle choice through our subsidiary Skeptic Hosting.

Politics and Religion

Ain't No God
Virgin Mary (again)
God Hates Barbers
God Hates Crustaceans
God Hates Mixed Fibers
God Hates Pork
God Hates Vaginas
Ain't No God!


Steve's Photos on Steve's server)


UnFox News
California Dolphin
Steve's News
Teh Gays

Public Service

I Think I Might Be Gay


Teh Gays