Steve Rider
Some Old Guy


Intermingled with his passion for computers is Steve's lifetime fascination with photography. These days, being somewhat of a techy type, he is doing digital photography exclusively. No doubt you are too. Today you can actually get better pictures with the most high end digital cameras than film cameras could ever produce, even 35mm cameras can not match the latest digital SLRs.

Currently Steve is using a Canon EOS 5D digital SLR, pictured above. This camera is one of the first reasonably priced digital SLRs with a full size sensor equivalent in size to a 35mm film frame. At 12.8 megapixels it takes very satisfactory photos.

If you are considering buying a digital SLR camera, Steve certainly recommends the Canon line. Of course if you already have a collection of lenses for another brand of camera, perhaps from an older 35mm SLR, you might want to go with that brand in order to continue using your lenses.

Many people report complete satisfaction with Nikon cameras. There are other well respected brands too.

It is extremely easy to use a digital camera. And it's easy to muck about with the images later on your computer too. Most digital cameras include photo editing software on a CD.

Steve also has a Flickr account.


Steves's Photos

Steve has over 30,000 of his digital photographs posted on his original photography website, Steve's Photos (.org).

Backup Your Files!

Don't suffer the pain and embarrassment of losing all of your digital photos. Back them up to another hard drive. All hard drives fail, eventually, and if your photos are all on one hard drive and nowhere else, you are courting a photographic disaster. Back them up. Really.