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Welcome to, the home base of the world-wide Steve Rider web empire. By visiting this site you can learn more about Steve, his interests, his hobbies, and yes even his many web-based stores and shopping sites.

Steve will be preparing your web pages today. Relax, let him do the typing. You can just click on things. If you'd like. No obligation.

Just Some Old Guy

Our site slogan is "Some old guy", and that's because he is old, and a guy, and just some person. You may have chosen to visit this site at random, or someone may have said to you "Ew, look at this groaty site I found", or you may be personally acquainted with Steve Rider. Whatever your reason, it's great that you stopped by today, and we hope you'll get all of the fresh information on Steve Rider that you are seeking.

Steve was born a long time ago, in the USA, on the east coast, in a hospital. It was pretty much a normal birth as far as we know.

Ever since then he has made an effort to not be dead yet, and so far it has been working out pretty well. ("He says he's not dead yet!")

Steve was always different from the other kids. Everyone should be different in some ways, it makes life much more interesting.

In Steve's case, the ways in which he is different often seem to collide with the wishes of people who make their livings causing other people to die. For example, people like politicians and religious leaders. As a general rule, Steve does not care a rat's ass about any politicians or any religious leaders, you're welcome to his share!

Much of Steve's time is spent ferkling about with computers. Nearly all of it. Quite a bit, really. Steve makes extensive use of computers in his daily life. He is a bit, how do you say, nerdish. Or geekish. Or both. You decide.


Photography is what Steve does when he is not ferkling about with his computers, or cooking or something, you know other stuff. He does quite a bit of photography. Click the pretty yellow photography tab up above to learn more.

Web Hosting

Much of Steve's computer time is spent ferkling about with web pages. He is a web nerd, or a web geek if you like. Click the green Web Hosting button to learn more.

Green Energy

In order to help our planet while saving money we went solar in a big way with 78 solar panels in 2012, see more at Geek Hill.


Steve Rider considers himself a peacenik, a fan of the Librul Media Conspiracy, and a known, practicing Ho Mo Sexual. Add vegetarian (vegan to be exact) and you've got yourself a genuine, card-carrying Old Hippie Fart.